5 Tips For Finding The Best Color For Your 2018 Summer

Temperatures are heating up which means summer 2018 is just around the corner! To mark the occasion, Americans have so many ways to spend Memorial Day weekend to get into the summer spirit. There’s fireworks, BBQs, pool openings, and bonfires to name a few. Weather permitting, most Memorial Day weekend celebrations will require a swimsuit, according to most travel and leisure authorities.

With plenty of activities planned around the pool, at the beach, or on a boat, we know you need something better than a stars and stripes bikini - you want to look on trend and feel festive. Follow these five simple tips to help you rock out in red, dazzle in white, be memorable in blue, or classically sexy in black.

1. Be Confident. Red Commands Attention.

Red Swimsuits Command Attention

A red swimsuit commands the spotlight and we love it when women arrive in this power color. There used to be a lot of hesitation to get dressed completely in red, but with so many tones and styles to choose from, there’s a red swimsuit for everyone. Remember, your red swimsuit is palette to show of beautiful hardware and embellishments. Simple shirring details in red fabric also helps to compliment all body types because of its effortless slimming effect.

2. It’s finally ok to wear white!

It's Okay to Wear White Swimsuits Again

Since Memorial Day weekend is the official start of a memorable summer to come, it also marks the unofficial green light to pull out all the stops in your finest white attire—and that includes swimwear! Don’t wait until the end of summer to showcase that gorgeous white suit come Labor Day—white swim is in right now. Many women often fear that a white bathing suit will become too sheer when wet. Opt for double-lined styles in this pure hue. Despite a higher price tag for extra fabric, it is a worth-while investment in your beach or poolside confidence. All skin tones will appear brighter against white, in addition to being universally flattering for all body types. Choose a silhouette that’s right for your body, as opposed to a color. White can be just as slimming as tried-and-true black!

3. #NoFilter – Look Good in Every Photo with Blue

Look Good in Every Photo with a Blue Swimsuit

Blue compliments most skin tones, shapes, and sizes. Relax at your Memorial Day gathering knowing that no matter who is taking the picture, you’re bound to look good in blue. The darker the blue, the more flattering. Have fun with accessories in this universal color. Sunglasses, hats, sandals, and cover-ups are all fair game to pair with this color. Many stylists agree—especially for women with lighter hair, dark blue can be even more complimentary than black.

4. Stay classy (and sexy) in black

Stay Classy in a Black Swimsuit

What is the most versatile color you can wear on Memorial Day? Your year-round staple: black. Since black is the most forgiving color, these suits allow women more freedom to experiment with trending and different cuts, mesh, embellishments, necklines, and lace. You can be daring in black and still feel confident as you make your summer 2018 debut.

5. Call a Stylist

As you head out there this Memorial Day weekend, we don’t want you to feel unprepared. SWIMSTYLE has the largest offering of swimwear online. There’s a style for every woman and every occasion on our website.

One of the ways SWIMSTYLE helps make your buying decision easy is by providing a fit specialist free of charge to help answer any questions.

If you need help choosing any style or color for Memorial Day, call a SWIMSTYLE fit specialist:

  • Toll-Free (US & Canada): (800)-380-SWIM
  • Fit Specialist Hours: 10am – 5pm (EST) Monday thru Friday.


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